Vinegar for Cleaning

Distilled white vinegar. A natural cleaning product.  

White Distilled vinegar is one of the best natural products used for cleaning. Cleaning with white vinegar may be the oldest use for this natural product. Besides it been great on your chips, Cleaning with vinegar is a safe alternative to using some of the more commercial ways of cleaning.  It is also a non-toxic and natural cleaning product, but it is important to learn where it is safe to use this product. 


Distilled vinegar can be used as a cleaning solution and a stain remover. Book a consultation with us and we will send you a copy of our bonus e-book free via email for simply showing your interest.  The e-book 'Vinegar for cleaning' is available to buy for £1.99 in our Fantasy Forcefield shop and e-book store.  Your welcome to have a look.